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Returning your order and refunds may come as a requirement in times when we do not provide satisfactory services for you. We ask all our transacting customers including the frequent and rare buyers to check out our return and refund rules for payment.

How to generate your return and refund request?

So when you think of an order return or asking us for a refund the first thing that comes to your mind is how do you do it. Well, to make a refund order you have various processes applicable on DirectMedsAustralia.

You can email us for a return and refund order. Or else you can log into our account and place a return order. You will find that in the menu there is a return and refund orders tab where you will have to file your request.

Or else if you don’t have access to the internet as of now then you can call on our helpline number and inform us that you want to place a return and refund request.

What happens in case of lost orders?

Such chances are rare but just in case if we lose your order in transit then the same will be reshipped back by us. You do not have to pay any charges or taxes for this.

In the event of a lost order during transit, we are going to inform you of such a blunder at our end via email and also give you the orders in the lost package. During the event of a lost order during transit, you will have to wait longer till you receive your package at your doorstep.

As we will reship your product package after verifying your orders this is likely to take more time than the normal delivery time.

Return and refund time

Generally, all return and refund orders are completed within 7 working days and from the date of confirming your request for a return order placement.

But in case of some exigencies and or case of some emergencies or case of a natural disaster, you might find your return and refund order taking usually more time. Please bear with us as we feel sorry for not being up to the standards of customer service we are known for.

Way of refund

All refund orders are done by way of direct bank account transfers. If you place a return and refund order and once we receive and authorize your request, we will ask for an account number and all other relevant bank account details.

You must confirm this, and share one of your valid and running accounts and give all details as we ask to furnish you.

Remember that this is the only mode of getting a refund as no cash or cheque payments are accepted.

The maximum time for generating a return and refund request

Even on the occasions when you have received an order at your home you will get a limited time frame from us in which you can get your refund. This is a specific deadline of 7 days from the date of receiving your package at home. Remember that once this deadline of 7 days is over you will not get your return and refund order authorized by us.

Way of gaining a refund

After you have requested a return and refund order one of our representatives will visit your address for the pickup of the order. They will also examine the product for signs of usage and tampering with the product seal.

Only upon their confirmation we will proceed and go ahead with the return and refund order and ask you to furnish back account details via email.

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